The Flirty By Nature Edit

The Flirty By Nature Edit


MuñekaWear was conceptualized in the year 2000 as a brand that would feature Barbie-like fashion for the modern woman. Hence our brand name is inspired by this notion. The brand featured very feminine & flirty clothing in it's first few years before going on a long hiatus. In 2021 the original owner & founder and now CEO reignited this passion for MunekaWear & decided to rebrand and here we are! Today the brand has re-imagined the modern woman as a dolled up CEO, working mom, and inspirational figure among her qualities. As homage to the brands initial concept we decided to launch our new website with the first collection named "Flirty By Nature", dedicating the new collection to what we believe comes close to the Barbie fashion envisioned years ago. Sexy, classy and flirty designs. We will also offer essential items like shape-wear, handbags, jewelry and lashes to complete your look. We aim to empower your sense of identity by offering affordable & quality clothing to elevate your wardrobe and help you feel your best.


Model on the left is wearing our "Kendra" Set in black, our "Xoe" Gold Link necklace, and our "Lacey" Pearl Earrings. Model on the right is in our "Syndel" Set in red. Our "Andiga" Luxe handbag is shown in white

Our Syndel Set skirt can be worn
with different tops for versatility 
Syndelskirt Syndelskirt
Syndel skirt in red paired with
our Simply Skin bodysuit in black
 Our Kendra Set shown in black also comes in
Teal (below)
Kendra Set in Teal paired with a nude "ANDIGA" Luxe handbag

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Well done. Very inspired!

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