MuñekaWear was created to be an essential part of a woman's lifestyle. The way a woman dresses is key to how she is depicted in our society, our place of work, out in public, and so on. By providing you with quality, stylish and affordable pieces for your wardrobe that will showcase your unique personality we believe you can feel empowered to own (and celebrate) your sense of identity. We know that when you look good, you will feel good!

No matter what style you rock with at the moment we believe there's always an occasion to dress up a little more than usual. Whether you prefer luxury looks, daring designs or currently live in your loungwear we have something here for you. We have something for the boss lady, the socialite, the executive, the at home mom and the party "it" girl.

At the end of the day a good heart and an optimistic mind set is what fundamentally matters, but you have to admit, you feel darn good about yourself when you are muñekafied (dolled up!)

What is MuñekaWear?

MuñekaWear is a clothing line created by Diana Rosario-Areizaga in 2000 to help represent women & empower them by creating a strong identifiable moniker and luxurious & stylish clothing to match. Diana is a mother, wife and entrepreneur that was inspired by flirty & feminine barbie like fashion for women. She has worked as a designer & stylist for many years and executed some memorable fashion shows in Central Florida during her time there. Being a Hispanic woman she noticed the lack of a clothing brand representing and empowering hispanic women in general, thus, the concept for MuñekaWear was born! We aim to be all inclusive and appeal to many different cultural backgrounds. We are currently working on obtaining our items in plus sizes to help give you unique ways to express your individuality through fashion.

What does Muñeka stand for?

The word Muñeca is Spanish and it's primary meaning is "Doll". It is in this context that the brand adapts it's usage and makes it identifiable to women in general. Muñeka (muñeca) is a Spanish word that is often used as a term for a pretty girl/woman. Creating the brand name with the "Doll" reference in Spanish and replacing the "C" with a "K" adds to the brands audacious aesthetic. Also, using the word in Spanish empowers those who identify as a pretty girl/beautiful woman due to its usage in Spanish slang.

How do you pronounce the brand name?

Moon-yay-kuh Wear. We hope this helps!